Does the idea of a cat café give you some paws? There’s no need to go into catniptions. Blue Cat Café is a first-of-its-kind venture — not just for Austin, but the entire state of Texas. We’re bringing together adorable, adoptable kitties and great food and coffee in a setting that makes you feel right at home. Our prime objective is to find forever homes for stray and shelter cats. But we also help teach guests about what makes for a happy human/cat relationship. And because cats love to accessorize, we offer all of the accoutrements your cat might need — from food and litter to furniture and toys — both on-site and through our online store.


  • Sanitize hands!
  • Eat, drink, and be merry
  • Stand up, walk around and explore
  • Cover up unattended food with metal covers
  • Be responsible for your children at all times
  • Throw away all finished food & drink containers. Please recycle
  • Adopt if you fall in love! Ask staff how


  • Don’t bring or drop off cats!
  • Don’t pull on cat tails
  • Don’t climb on tree or shelves
  • Don’t bring outside toys or cat food into cat cafe
  • Don’t feed cats anything without approval by staff
  • Don’t pick up cats without staff approval. Some like it, and some don’t
  • Don’t wake a sleeping cat

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