Cat Wheel 2

$ 1,199.00

Brand: Catswall

Product Description


The simple design of the CatWheel2 allows up to three cats to run & play at the same time. The look is streamlined, elegant, contemporary. One-piece construction makes our CatWheel much quieter and more stable than the copy-cat, snap together wheels. The open design lets cats jump on or off from both sides of the center. Especially ideal for exotic breeds (Bengal, Ocicat, Savahanna, Sphynx) that love to run and require more exercise. Suitable for all breeds, large and small. 

Catswall Design has re-engineered the wheel’s base to limit roller noise, resulting in a smooth, seamless rotation. CatWheel2 is a sturdy, functional piece of cat art! 

Please understand: older, timid or lethargic cats may not take to the CatWheel – very likely, if your cat is active and inquisitive, with time, they will learn to enjoy running in the wheel.

Use straight out of the boxes! NO assembly required.