Our love of cats extends far beyond the walls of our humble café. We want you to think of us as your one-stop resource for all things feline. To that end, we offer a number of cat-centric services, including behavioral consultations, interior design tips, and references for Austin-based veterinarians and cat sitters.


Our “cattification” plan helped transformed the Blue Cat Café into the kitty oasis you see today — and we can do the same for your home. We can also teach you to address a number of behavioral issues, including adoption transitions, spraying, litter box problems, aggression or biting, excessive vocalization, destructiveness, and compulsive behavior. In this way the student will become the meowster.

FeesWoman with European short hair cat

  • 30-minute in-store consultation + 1 Skype/phone follow-up$150
  • 90-minute in-home consultation for 1-2 cats$250
  • 120-minute in-home consultation for 3-4 cats$300

Custom Projects

  • Setup and build out$75/hr + Materials
  • 2-hour in-home planning and design session$300

    Behavioral Training

    Are you and your cat going through a rough patch? The good news is that when cats misbehave, there’s almost always a reason — and a solution. A few house calls from our cat consultant can help you pinpoint the issues and develop an action plan for turning your tempestuous tabby into a happy, contented housemate.

    Event Booking

    Contact Us!

    From private events and corporate outings to birthday parties and other celebrations, we’ll work with you to customize our space to match your needs. (We’ll be sure and get our cats’ input, too.)

    Partners Services

    When it comes to caring for your cats, it’s sometimes tough to know whom you can trust. That’s why we’ve partnered with cat sitters, veterinarians, groomers and boarders across Austin. We vet the vets — and every other partner listed here — so you don’t have to. And if you’re a Blue Cat Café member, you’ll enjoy discounts on their services.