Acacia Cat Tree

$ 226.00

Product Description

Dimensions: 36"H x 18"W x 18"D
Top: 23"W x 12"D
Branches: 15"W x 11"D

This pared down version of its bigger brother (Baobab) has a smaller footprint, but still provides a nice retreat from the ground. The 2 branches are designed for climbing and playing, while the treetop is a perfect place to rest, observe, or scratch. Accommodates cats of all ages, sizes, and abilities. At 3' high, the Acacia fits nicely in front of most windows and gives your cat a new home with a view. Catnip can be placed behind or rubbed onto the inserts to further entice scratching and playing.

* Velcro backed removable inserts allow you to vacuum, clean, or replace
* No corrugated cardboard mess to clean-up
* Many different insert colors and textures to choose from
* Inserts are recessed into Base Material, so the edges are not exposed
* Looped pile carpets are not used, due to snagging on cat claws
* Easy assembly with phillips screw-driver
* Made in Portland, Oregon USA

Product Configuration Option:-

Top Insert (Large) Additional Cost Step Inserts (Small) Additional Cost
Mohair Black Cat $25.00 Mohair Black Cat $24.00
Mohair Chinchilla $25.00 Mohair Chinchilla $24.00
Mohair Frog $25.00 Mohair Frog $24.00
Mohair Gerbil $25.00 Mohair Gerbil $24.00
Mohair Grasshopper $25.00 Mohair Grasshopper $24.00
Mohair Hamster $25.00 Mohair Hamster $24.00
Mohair Humming Bird $25.00 Mohair Humming Bird $24.00
Mohair Parrot $25.00 Mohair Parrot $24.00
Mohair Tabby Cat $25.00 Mohair Tabby Cat $24.00
Plush Black $25.00 Plush Black $24.00
Plush Bone $25.00 Plush Bone $24.00
Plush Clementine $25.00 Plush Clementine $24.00
Plush Earthen $25.00 Plush Earthen $24.00
Plush Fog $25.00 Plush Fog $24.00
Plush Indigo $25.00 Plush Indigo $24.00
Plush Java $25.00 Plush Java $24.00
Plush Lime $25.00 Plush Lime $24.00
Plush Pewter $25.00 Plush Pewter $24.00
Plush Plum $25.00 Plush Plum $24.00
Plush Seafoam $25.00 Plush Seafoam $24.00
Plush Titanium $25.00 Plush Titanium $24.00