CurvyNest-Small Size

$ 449.00

Brand: Catswall

Product Description

It’s so much more than just a cat tree. CurvyNest is a fine piece of feline furniture! Uniquely designed with sinuous curves and fashioned from curved wood, CurvyNest adds style and flair to your living space. The contour fits cat bodies perfectly. It’s a great place for cats to perch and enjoy some private space.

CurvyNest’s spring-like structure creates subtle bouncing effects that cats love, much like a comforting cradle. Large and Small CurvyNests will accommodate multiple cats at once — offering each a private, comfortable space to rest or play.

Small CurvyNest  – $449

18 1/2”(D) X 19”(W) X 22” (H) 15.4 lbs.