$ 38.00

Product Description

Dimensions: 1"H x 9"W x 9"D

The Hawthorne is a perfect step to the Burnside, Fremont, or anywhere your cat needs a boost. Our unique design hides all the hardware and is able to support up to 50 pounds.

* Velcro backed removable inserts allow you to vacuum, clean, or replace
* No corrugated cardboard mess to clean-up
* Many different insert colors to choose from
* Inserts are recessed into Base Material, so the edges are not exposed
* Looped pile carpets are not used, due to snagging on cat claws
* Easy installation (see videos)
* Made in Portland, Oregon USA

Product Configuration Option:-


Product Configuration Option:-

Insert Additional Cost
Mohair Black Cat $12.00
Mohair Chinchilla $12.00
Mohair Frog $12.00
Mohair Gerbil $12.00
Mohair Grasshopper $12.00
Mohair Hamster $12.00
Mohair Humming Bird $12.00
Mohair Parrot $12.00
Mohair Tabby Cat $12.00
Plush Black $12.00
Plush Bone $12.00
Plush Clementine $12.00
Plush Earthen $12.00
Plush Fog $12.00
Plush Indigo $12.00
Plush Java $12.00
Plush Lime $12.00
Plush Pewter $12.00
Plush Plum $12.00
Plush Seafoam $12.00
Plush Titanium $12.00